Tricks to Boost Battery Life on Any Laptops

Sometime it is very hard for us to make our laptop run longer on battery power. There are few tricks that we can try to reduce the quick drain of our laptop's battery. If we applied these tricks then we can make our laptop run longer on battery when are are out of power source to charge our laptop. Below are the tricks to extend battery life on any laptops including most of the modern electronic devices.

Reduce Screen Brightness
The first and very basic trick to save energy on our laptop is by reducing its screen brightness. Screen brightness seems to be using most of the battery life on any modern devices. Therefore, reducing the brightness of the laptop will help to save significant amount of energy. Reducing brightness not also help to extend battery life, but also helps to protect our eyes while working on low light environment.

Set Timer for Display to Turn OFF Automatically.
We can also save our battery life by turning off the display of our laptop when we are not using it. Turning off the display while we are away from our laptop or when we are not working is a good idea to increase the battery life of laptop.
Steps to enable this option:
  1. Right click on battery icon.
  2. Click on Power options.
  3. Click Change Plan Settings
  4. Now set the time to 1 Minute on Turn off the display. 
This will automatically turn off the display of your laptop when you are not using it and helps to save a lot of power.

Remove Peripherals When Not in Use.
If you are using any accessories with your laptop like External hard drives, CD-ROMs, Zip drives, PC cards, USB mouse, USB keyboard, Bluetooth dongle, Internet Data card etc, then they will need extra power to run. Using extra power means quick drain of battery. So, it is a good idea to unplug those devices when you are not using it.

Reduce The Number of Open Tasks.
Running application means using more processor on your computer and using more processor will result in more power consumption. So it is better to close any unnecessary applications that you are not using to extend battery life. Like if you have photoshop application running in the background, but you are not using it, then it is a good idea to close the photoshop to reduce the power consumption.

Turn OFF Wireless Devices.
If you don't need WLAN and bluetooth connection then turning it off will help to reduce the quick drain of battery. Most of the laptop has keys to turn off the wireless devices.

These tricks will help you to extend the batterly life of your laptop. There are still few things that you have to consider to extend the lifespan of your laptop's battery. Few of them are:
  1. Maintain the temperature of battery between 20°C and 25°C, don't keep it in extreme hot or extreme cold conditions.
  2. Never disassemble your battery and avoid physical harm like crusing and making puncture.
  3. Discharge the battery to 70% and unplug it from power source if you are not using your laptop for more than a month period.
  4. Never short the external contacts on a battery.
I hope these tricks will help you to extend the battery of your laptop. If you have any queries and feedback please post an comment below.
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